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máy xét nghiệm urit 29000

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Model URIT-2900
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Factory: Urit medical electronic
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    URIT-2900 Hematology Analyzer

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      ·Parameters: WBC, LY#, MO#, GR#, LY%, MO%, GR%, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, 
             RDW-CV, RDW-SD, PLT, MPV, PDW, PCT 3-part differentiation of WBC, 19
             parameters and 3 histograms 
      ·Principles of operation:WBC/RBC/PLT: Electrical Impedance
                    HGB: Photoelectric colorimetry
      ·Aspiration Volume:Whole blood 18μL,Pre-diluted 20μL
      ·Aperture Diameter:WBC/RBC/PLT 80·μm
      ·Throughput:30 samples per hour
      ·Data storage:Up to 10,000 sample results (include 1,000 latest Histograms)
      ·Alarms: Error messages
      ·Dilution Ration:               Whole blood       Capillary blood
              WBC/HGB        1:232            1:400
              RBC/PLT        1:40000           1:45000
      ·Display: 5.5 inches LCD, resolution 320×240
      ·Dimension: 430mm x 260mm x 420mm N.W.: 14.5kg
      ·Power requirement: AC 110V/230V, 50/60Hz
      ·Input/Output: System keyboard,internal thermal printer
                             External printer,RS232 to computer

      ·Cyanide free reagent with automatic reagent detection
      ·Automatic clog removal, intelligent flush& high voltage cleaning technologies
      ·Quality core parts and compact design sure reliability pressure flush mode), intelligent technique for flush automatically 
      ·Fast and easy keyboard operation, cost effective with high performance
      ·Fully automatic sample dilution in pre-diluted mode
      ·Collaborator of BIO-RAD control, target value available
    máy xét nghiệm urit 29000 

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